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1) They do NOT examine each stage of the funnel before switching it all up!

Have you ever done this? You work for hours on your funnel and ads… finally get it launched… and it flops or doesn’t get the results you want.

So you scrap it and start over.


❌Horrible Move❌.

What you need to do is rapidly optimize by fixing each weak point.

You wouldn’t throw your car away if had a flat tire, would you??

No, you’d hone in on exactly what went wrong, and then fix it.

And you can do this by….

2) They Don’t Learn How To Analyze Their Results

This takes practice and research, but basically you need to look at each stage of the funnel as a separate event during troubleshooting.

Is your CPC too high but your LP is converting well?

Then revise the copy to get better results.

Are your ads kicking booty but your LP has low on page Conversion?

Then don’t scrap the whole funnel, ONLY fix your LP!

Look at industry benchmarks for a good rough idea of what metrics you should be using – or much better – work backwards using your customer LTV calculation…

(You do have your Customer LTV figured out, right?)

3. They Don’t Know How To Fix The Problem

Many times business owners don’t know how to fix the problem or how to implement changes.

Things to avoid:

  • Switching bidding strategies or budgets rapidly
  • Editing live ads more than 1 or 2 times a week (just make new ads instead of editing)
  • Rapidly pausing and the unpausing (Just commit)

To figure out how to improve your funnels:

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Am I congruent between my ad images and the Landing Page images?
  • Is my headline catchy and irresistible?
  • Is my copy VALUE and BENEFITS driven, NOT all about me?
  • Do I have social proof that inspires trust in my ad and on my LP?

?? I know if you implement these tips that you’ll see a lot of success in your Facebook ads. Hope this helps, have an awesome day!